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Fitretreat is based in Thane, a wellness and weight management centre. Our Mission is to promote good health in the world. Join our easy weight-loss and fitness programmes with real solutions for people who want to lose weight and keep it off.

No gimmicks, no false promises - just transformational results.Lets create a fitter tomorrow for you, your family and your loved ones. 

INVEST IN HEALTH as our body is a temple. We can change everything not our body !!


Wellness camp
-posted by Fit Retreat
I am a wellness coach. We have more than 18 fitness studios in and around Mumbai. We are into a mission of spreading good health. We provide a wellness camp in your society, office or institution, we do a FREE WELLNESS CHECK UP. Call @9930842603 if interested. 
Wellness Coach
-posted by Fit Retreat
Looking out for wellness coaches. 500 Fitclubs opening all over India. Contact @9930842603 for more information 
Wellness Education Program Nutrition labels
-posted by Fit Retreat
When we buy most of what we buy we check them out by looking at their labels not just for their price but for like the brand, production date etc. *But how often have you picked up a food packet read its nutrition label?* 
*Nutrition label?? What's that!!*
We all like to have our control on things, people and events in our life. But when was the last time you controlled the urge to stop yourself from having those extra pani puris or that tempting pastry or even that tasty subzi?
 *What is it that comes to your mind when you hear the word Sugar!*
Indian sweets, chocolates, pastries, white sugar n all those things that taste sweet to the tongue!
*Do you know that there is much more than this that enters our body is sugar.* Its a general feeling that whatever is sweet is good n beautiful. But when it comes to food, sweet sugar can be deadly!
So should we shun it or how much of it can we have it n in what form?
*Join us in this exclusive session this Wednesday to understand this sweet n silent killer only at Fitcise.*
*7AM & 5PM*